Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Guitar Stories Mark Knopfler SkyArts1

What a delight watching this magical presentation of the unfolding of Knoffler's career through the touchstones of different guitars. Imagine my delight when I looked through my own collection of guitars and discovered that my collection had all the same elements in a scaled down version; Guild acoustic, Les Paul with a couple of Humbuckers and a simple bridge, with no wammy bar and a Strat. No dobro, but a 12 string Takamine. He'd used a Crybaby and had an ES335 with the F holes like the one I gave to a wayward kid who needed some direction when I was moving one time and hadn't used it much. I was going to put a guild bar pickup on, but kept it for later, but I let the Bigsby tailpiece go like a dummy. Oh yeah, I forgot about my SG and my Epiphone single pickup guitar. that went to other homes along the way.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Angela (Theme From 'Taxi') - Bob James (1978)

Finally saw Bob James play when he was accompanying the Rhoades Show as the gang stopped at the Oxnard College....front row, last year. This tune popped into my head this morning and I had to hear it! Funny that You-tube is even easier than cleaning off the record player. On stage, Bob was doing his usual comedic expressions while playing; playful and engaging. There were several other fabulous musicians with the show, including Stanley Clark, who gathered many excellent musicians in his musically expressive and communicative reverie.