Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"the unexpected visitor" michael hedges @ the new varsity (ken dubourg g...

This was before he signed with Windham Hill.  Ann told me Will drew up a contract on a napkin after seeing him play.  She drew the tree for Windham Hill.

michael hedges w/mike manring and darol anger

There was a poignancy to my intro to Michael Hedges, an acquired admiration that paralleled my own playing (open tunings, harmonics etc). He opened for Leo Kottke who I'd planned on seeing with my wife, but she passed away a couple of weeks before (1994). It was with a heavy heart that I went at the coaxing of friends, in her memory. His music opened up the heavens and I was sure Liz was hanging around in spirit to make sure I'd be OK and got a good sendoff with this raw but ethereal music. When he jammed with Kottke afterwards it was like yin meets yang.